Frequently Asked Questions

IIs This A Done For You Service?

No this is a done with you approach in which the guidelines are set forth in a course area for you to follow at your own pace. It is accompanied by weekly coaching calls and a private client group. We believe that you know better than anyone about your own business and results are best when done on your own.

How Do I Know I Am Ready?

We know how this feels. This is a common question which lingers in many of our client’s minds before they come on board. Here’s the thing: There usually is never a perfect time to go ahead and get started. There are always going to be things going on and tasks at hand but the reality is: Are those tasks at hand moving you towards your goal?

We help service businesses and online entrepreneurs start and scale profitable group consulting offers. Most of our clients are agencies who want to escape done for you services or launch a done with you offer. The reason these businesses likely fail is not due to their ability to fulfill their clients, market themselves or price their services but because they don’t take the steps in the right order. Most will run ads in the future to book appointments but surface level issues such as niche, offer and messaging keep on arising which lead to low sales numbers and ultimately, no cash flow to fund paid ads. We help our clients ensure they do everything in the right order, the one that results in the highest profitability and efficiency.

This is for those whose current strategies are not working and they are riding the revenue roller coaster for their business.

I’m Just Starting Out, Is This For Me?

We coach you through the offer creation and packaging stages as well as validation before pushing organic and paid marketing.

If you don't have your first sales or customers yet, then we can help get them. The outreach strategies will assist you in getting your first couple of clients to test/ validate your offer with.

From there, we help you market and sell.

So even if you don't have your first customers yet, then it makes sense to join because we can help you significantly shave down the time to that first case study.

What Is Your Track Record?

We only put our testimonials that are considered the “cream of the crop” on our sites. Directly and indirectly, we have coached/ consulted 50+ agencies on how to scale resulting in clients or appointments in terms of ROI. Some of our more significant case studies are:

Helped 50+ Agencies and Counting Generate Over 2 Million in Aggregate Revenue For All Clients & Partners Across All Businesses.

Case Studies:

Real Estate University ($0-$45K MRR 4 Months, Bootstrapped)

Major League Profits ($0-$90K MRR in 2 Months)

FameHackers ($0-$10K MRR in 1 Months)

Beacon Media (4 New RE Clients in 48 Hours)

Flux Marketing Group $0 - $30k 45 Days

Ignite Media ($0-$10K MRR 1 Month)

Nexera Branding ($0-$15K MRR 2 Months)

And much more case studies in terms of appointments booked etc.

How Long Do We Get To Work With You?

All clients undergo practical and theoretical training in accordance with an action plan outlining a 8 week program. Most will take longer than 8 weeks to reach their desired point. We continue to support you for 12 months as you take action and scale your business.

Do You Also Help Agencies Develop & Scale Group Consulting Offer?

Yes, many of our customers come to us to learn how to enter new markets quickly.

Once a concept of fulfillment has been proven, the client has two options: to transition completely into group consulting or continue with their agency and launch a secondary group coaching offer.

With the use of Facebook ads and paid advertising, reaching thousands can be done extremely quick making it a great way to launch and scale new offers.

I’ve tried cold email, Facebook DM’s and organic outreach, how is this different?

Most training courses are simply just courses being taught in a theoretical point of view. In other words, the teacher assumes it will work theoretically without actually testing it themselves. This is why most clients never get any success with these programs.

We show practical methods with real examples from our companies. This way, this eliminates the guesswork and testing and gives you real, actionable advice. You will find resources and video walkthroughs of us logging into our backend softwares to show outbound email sequences and open rates, ads manager walkthroughs and KPI’s and more.

I’ve tried cold email, Facebook DM’s and organic outreach, how is this different?

Most training courses are simply just courses being taught in a theoretical point of view. In other words, the teacher assumes it will work theoretically without actually testing it themselves. This is why most clients never get any success with these programs.

We show practical methods with real examples from our companies. This way, this eliminates the guesswork and testing and gives you real, actionable advice. You will find resources and video walkthroughs of us logging into our backend softwares to show outbound email sequences and open rates, ads manager walkthroughs and KPI’s and more.

What % of your clients experience success?

100% of our client’s experience success after completion of our program. We even back up our claims with an action based guarantee.

Why don’t some clients succeed?

The program requires you to do a lot of work and learn quickly. Some students do not complete the program due to work ethic, however, if they did complete the program, then they would be successful.

Most do not understand the realities of scaling a business, especially if it is bootstrapped and not backed by venture capital funding. Hence, most give up due to the mental toughness involved. This requires bulletproof mentality which we also go over.

Do you only communicate with me via Facebook group?

No we have weekly workshop calls in which you can come and ask any questions you may have in relevance to the course curriculum. It is recommended that you attend every workshop call to maximize your chances of success with the program.

Does The Workshop Mastermind Only Work For Group Consulting Offers?

At the end of the day, we are helping you put appointments on the calendar and closing at over 20%. That's it. You can be selling Agency Services, Info Products, Fitness or Group Coaching- the process is the same:

Offer Creation & Packaging W/ Proof Of Validation - ensure your offer resonates with your market and the economics make sense to scale.

Drive Traffic Via Outbound/Organic (free) and Paid Traffic - this is where the magic starts to happen and you’ll start to scale.

Fill Your Calendar, Systemize & Close - This is done with high converting sales pages and top of the line content marketing.

Eliminate and Delegate - Hire VA’s and remote only sales reps to automate sales and admin so you can make the best product and service on the market.

I Cannot Purchase Right Now. I Just Want To Learn About What You Guys Do.

That is totally fine. We want to make sure you make the best decision for you and your business.

You are on this page or you have spoken to us for a reason: this reason could be that you are struggling with one of the particular problems we solve and you are in need of help.

If that's the case, then take the chance and give us a shot to help you. Worst case, you learn what you don't know and get a clear perspective. You will only lose your time since we offer a best in class guarantee.

Best case, you solve your problem, whatever it may be. It may be appointment volume, offer creation and packaging, paid ads etc. and you increase your momentum like never before.

Will you help with my copywriting/ cold email scripts?

Yes we write all the copy in house for our own advertising and will assist with your messaging to ensure you hit pain points and cause resonance. We provide our best performing cold email scripts and messaging templates which have been validated countless times.

Do You Run The Ads For Me?

The advertising and marketing is done by you. We make sure that you know and understand your own marketing before outsourcing. Furthermore, advertising is not difficult and it’s success will relate more to your offer and messaging which we assist with.

I’m Confused. Should I Only Work With You If I Want To Scale A Group Consulting Offer?

This is a common question many of our clients have. The answer is no. You do not have to start a group consulting offer. The only difference between a done for you service (marketing agency) vs a done with you service (group consulting) is just the variable of service delivery. Most of our clients continue to scale their agencies while some launch successful group consultancies. We have had our customers reach 90K per month in revenue as well.

How Much Money Do I Need For Paid Ads?

We recommend spending a minimum of 3-5k. This way, we allow for adequate testing to scale. In competitive niches, sometimes it can take some time to find the correct ad angle. However, once we are able to dial in the correct angle, scaling is usually rapid and ads continue to drive sales.

If you do not have capital for paid ads right now, we show you how to drive sales through proven and validated organic methods which can most definitely prepare you for further scaling and also give you a proof of concept so you can outsource to SDR’s (sales development representatives) or a VA to continuously push appointments organically. This in conjunction with paid ads will significantly drive down your CPA (cost per acquisition).

Is This Only For Startup Entrepreneurs Or Successful Businesses Too?

The Workshop Mastermind is a fit for everybody looking to scale a healthy, lifelong client business. Hence, it is great for startups but also useful for successful businesses and online entrepreneurs looking to add in group consulting offers which can be scaled very fast.

In fact, it is highly effective for established agencies and online entrepreneurs as they have already undergone the proof of concept phase and they just need to add in another offer.

How Much Time & Resources Will It Take?

A successful customer will spend 1-2 hours per day on for at least 1-2 months. The content is quite long and in detail.

That being said, we have had customers who watch all the content in a week and take massive action. They usually achieve results quicker. The major reason behind quick success in a program such as this is leading with an unchallenged offer which cuts through competition and scales fast with paid ads. This will not be a typical case for everybody but the next barrier will be paid ads. The sooner one can crack down on automated opportunity creation (appointments), the quicker they will scale.

Why Do You Only Have 5-6 Case Studies?

We define a case study when somebody has achieved a high level of success working with us. Far too many times other programs signify the appointment as a successful case study but we believe that appointments are not an obstacle to conquer with our proven methods. We want to show how somebody achieved a minimum of 10K working with our team.

What’s Your Guarantee?

We offer an action-based guarantee. If our customers execute the action plan - where they write their content, publish it, drive traffic to it, and are still not able to drive opportunities, then we offer a full 100% money-back-guarantee. That's it. Our process works and we put our money where our mouth is.

What’s Your Qualification(s) To Consult Me?

Unlike many other online programs and courses, we run a consultancy for real estate agents with over 40+ clients inside. Our success rates with our clients are extremely high and We transitioned our marketing agency into the group consulting initially as a downsell however we quickly realized that this approach was much more profitable and allowed us to have more time in our lives.

What Case Studies In My Industry Do You Have?

We have experience scaling marketing agencies, info products, coaching, consulting, professional services (real estate) etc.

At the end of the day, we are helping you market and scale your product/ service with systems and proven strategies. These opportunities will then be complemented with our sales training to help you convert these into customer.

What sort of help will I get?

We have 24/7 private facebook group with support from team members and also clients. This is an opportunity to seek assistance and also form JV’s with business owners. Furthermore, we offer weekly live workshop sessions in which all your questions can be answered. Lastly, we have a direct email contact line in which you can seek more assistance from.

I don’t have time to build funnels and websites. I want to get straight to making money.

We understand that seeking and earning financial gains is always an exciting part of growing a business however the foundations and assets need to be in place. Without these in place, it will be difficult for you to present your offer at scale using paid ads etc. The funnel building process can be accelerated with the templates we provide in the course area.

I have tried cold emails in the past. They do not work. I have tried everything out there.

Cold email outbound prospecting works for everybody if done correctly. Furthermore, many of those teaching cold emails don’t actually do it themselves to acquire customers. Our training and templates give you our proven methods of warming emails and have the prerequisites set up such as DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records all in check. This will remove any technical bottlenecks so we can just focus on email scripts/ messaging as that is an easy problem to solve.

Are the course videos in front of a whiteboard?

No we do not believe in the “schoolhouse” teaching methodology. There’s a reason why kids hate school right? We make sure all our training is using screen share and practical advice.

Is the curriculum focused more on practicality or theory?

The course area and curriculum is heavily focused on practicality with real life examples. We believe this is the best method to teach as it signifies to the student the teacher knows what they are doing. That being said, it is important to understand the concepts from a theoretical point of view because it would be more impactful if you actually knew the “why” behind your learning.

I’m not a sales expert. I also don’t want to hire a salesperson right off the bat because of profit margins. How will you help us in this scenario?

We understand that the fear of sales leaves many entrepreneurs in a state of anxiety which is totally normal. We recommend that you learn to sell using our proven methods before outsourcing because salespeople need a proven method of selling.

I’m already booking a lot of appointments using cold outbound prospecting. How can you help me scale?

This is a great place to be in as you have dialed in your deliverability, niche and messaging so it’s definitely resonating. We can assist with scaling your cold email outreach as well as get you systemized so you can take the same proof of concept into paid ads.

Is the majority of the course on mindset? I don’t need mindset training. I’m a superstar.

We understand that in many online courses and training, the mindset segment is seen as a “filler” module and it’s a waste of time. Hence, we keep our mindset practical and useful to group members who need it. If you feel like you don’t need it, there is no need to watch it. That being said, many of our customers come in thinking they don’t need mindset training however when they start to scale they are usually no longer living the same lifestyle they once did. All the growth at once can sometimes cause mindset issues which are better off prevented before they occur.

You don’t have case studies in my industry. How do I know it will work?

This is a common fear that most of our clients had before working with us. We focus on bringing you more opportunities using proven marketing funnels, automations and systems. As long as you have an offer that resonates with your audience, it can be scaled using organic outbound prospecting and paid traffic.

I have exhausted all cold outbound prospecting efforts such as Facebook, Linkedin, cold emails, in person events, cold calling and channel partners. What else do you have to show?

This is usually due to your offer being exhausted. We have also had clients in this exact same situation. The way to fix this state is by repackaging or crafting a new offer which can be scaled. This is usually done using a group consulting offer which we show how to set up and scale.

I don’t believe in myself to grow a business. This will put a lot of pressure on me and requires mental toughness.

Scaling a business is one of the toughest things one can do. The constant rejections, offer creation and validation and state of overwhelm is why most entrepreneurs give up. We begin our program with a deep dive into mental rewiring which will paint a picture and give you daily actionable plans to ensure your mindset is bulletproof.

What will I need to get started?

If you run a client business of any sort, this program is for you. We recommend having your client fulfillment dialed in because this will springboard your growth in the program.

What if I can’t attend the workshop calls due to timezone differences?

All weekly workshop calls are recorded and uploaded to our course area and your questions can be sent to us in advance for us to answer them. Furthermore, there will be additional calls added with the growth of the program.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we have a referral program which allows members who have had a positive experience to refer whomever they feel is a good fit for the program in exchange for an affiliate payout.

What if my niche is very saturated? How do I differentiate myself?

Most niches are saturated with the same offers. Hence, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from others. This is why we recommend running new unchallenged offers such as group consulting to change things up. Nonetheless, it is still doable even within a heavily saturated niche. You just need to push the boundaries within your marketing.

I want you to create my funnel and website. I want you to run my paid ads for me. Do you offer this service?

Due to time constraints we are unable to provide a DFY service. We currently work with over 60 clients across our businesses and our bandwidth is at capacity. We also believe that as the owner/ founder of your business, nobody is better than you in terms of knowledge about your product. Paid ads are not supposed to be a timesuck. At first, testing may take some time but after that, it’s not much work.

How often is the course area updated? I don’t want to watch training made a year ago.

We update the course area regularly on a monthly basis with new content that we have tested. This involves new email scripts, ad strategies etc.

Can I do this with a full time job? Full time university/college student?

Scaling a business is tough work. We recommend that as your business scales, you need to do a reality check. Sometimes putting school hold may be the best option.

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